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Here we post our upcoming events and weekly speakers. If you have any other thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, please share them at our next Thursday meeting.

Weekly Meetings and Speakers:

We are NOW meeting in person at 7:30a at Bonny's Cafe (596 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021).

(AND We are also still meeting with a virtual connection. Please e-mail C.J. for the zoom link!)

04/01: Business Meeting, Training & Discussion

04/08: Business Meeting, Training & Discussion

04/15: Brandon Gehring

04/22: Pamela Dose

04/29: Dan Newland

05/06: Business Meeting, Training & Discussion

» Upcoming Speakers: Daniel Palmer, Maribel Nuanes, Robert Farwell, Melissa Allen

Upcoming Events:


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» Robert Farwell

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